Simplified assembly

COMPACT CLIP installs like a one-piece hinge. The hinge comes pre-attached to the mounting plate to make installation familiar and quick. What’s more, COMPACT CLIP hinges are easy to adjust with the 3-dimensional cam adjustment feature.

Raising the Standard

Seville Cabinetry has made the Blum Compact Clip Hinge our NEW STANDARD.  All new orders will feature the Blum Compact Clip Hinge system – costs will remain the same.  Better is Better! 

Blum Compact Clip Hinges

Installation Resource Page

Pre-mounted Screw

Reduce installation time with the pre-mounted screw, which improves screw head visibility and increases installation accuracy.

Three-dimensional adjustment

Make precise adjustments every time with the built-in cam height, depth, and side-to-side adjustments.

Clip release technology

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Compact Clip Attachment Video

Compact Clip Adjustment Video

Compact Clip Release Video