Ordering Policy

1.  All orders must be clear and complete. This will allow Seville to process your order without delay. An order is considered incomplete if it is missing any of the following needed items:

– Complete Seville Order Cover Sheet

– Custom Quote Numbers

– Appliance Panel Sizes

– Appliance Cutout Sizes

– Job Site Delivery Form

– Custom Color Approvals

– Finish Acceptance Agreement (if applicable)

– Provide a floor plan and elevations

2.  Cabinet orders can be placed with Seville a few different ways.

– QOE program (Quick Order Entry)

– Submit a completed Seville Order Cover Sheet with a 20/20 report.

– Seville Order Cover Sheet & Form listing the cabinets with any modifications and notes pertaining to each cabinet. To download this information visit the Seville web-site or contact customer service to help you retrieve the information.

3.  Please provide a complete layout with every order placed with Seville. This is to help us process your order, however you are still responsible for the order and we will build to the signed acknowledgement (please keep a copy of all your paperwork for your records).

4.  All orders can faxed to 920-347-1058 or emailed to QOE orders can be sent directly from the program by clicking “Send to Factory” and follow the required prompts until you see a notification that it has been sent successfully.

– No phone orders will be accepted

– All faxed orders must have a cover sheet

– Please denote page number and total number of pages (i.e. page 3 of 8)

– Job name and/or P.O. # on every page

5.  If you have a special (custom or nonstandard) cabinet, please provide the Custom Quote Number (CQ#) on your paperwork.

6.  Cutoff for submitted orders is 12:00 PM CST. Orders received after this time will be considered received on the following business day.

7.  Upon receipt of a final, signed acknowledgement from you, a Ship Date Assignment form will be sent to you within one week of receipt of the final signed acknowledgement. If you have not received the form, Seville has not received your signed acknowledgement or any of the required paperwork to go along with the order. A ship date will not be assigned until all required paperwork is submitted to Seville.

8.  Dealer has final responsibility for the order.